Investment Philosophy

We believe that investing in a diversified set of assets is the best way to generate superior long-term returns. Our asset allocation primarily falls within these four asset classes:

* Equity (business) investments: common stocks, private equity, venture capital, among others.

* Real estate: commercial, residential real estate, among others.

* Commodities: gold, silver, among others.

* Currencies: cryptocurrencies.

The core tenets of our philosophy are:

* Value Then Growth – we combine the discipline of a value investor with the imagination of a growth investor. This approach controls risk, while capturing the significant growth potential of undiscovered small companies.

* The Importance of Risk Control – our approach demands a margin of safety before we invest. We believe that preservation of capital is the essential component of durable long-term investment success.

* Research Matters – we seek to build an information edge by performing thorough, fundamental research.